Fire Prevention Alerts FAQ

Q: What do I have to do to be in compliance with MGL, Chapter 148 for smoke and carbon dioxide detector?

A: In order to be in compliance with the smoke detector requirements, you must install the proper type of smoke detector in the appropriate location. The fire prevention bureau can assist you in determining the proper type and location. You must then contact the fire prevention bureau to schedule a test/inspection of the system and receive a Certificate of Compliance. The procedure for obtaining a smoke detector compliance certificate is located on the Fire Department Web page. A certificate issued for compliance with the law is valid until your property is sold. At the time of sale, a new certificate must be obtained. This certificate is valid for sale purposes for 60 days and if the sale takes place as scheduled, this certificate remains valid until the property is sold again. Carbon Monoxide detectors must be installed in accordance with the statue. However, if you have a valid smoke detector certificate, no fire department test/inspection is required.