Inspection Services FAQ

Q: Who is responsible for the electric and gas service in my apartment?

A: (A):  The owner shall provide the electricity and gas used in each dwelling unit unless

    (1) Such utility is metered through a meter that only serves the dwelling unit or other separate area under the exclusive use of that dwelling unit except as allowed under part B below; and

    (2) A written letting agreement provides for payment by the occupant.

(B) If a dwelling contains three or fewer dwelling units, the light fixtures used to illuminate a common hallway, foyer and /or stairway may be wired to the electric service serving an adjacent dwelling unit provided that if the occupant of such unit is responsible for paying for the electric service to such dwelling unit:

      (1) a written agreement shall state that the occupant is responsible for paying for light in the common hallway, etc.;and

     (2) the owner shall notify the occupants of the other dwellings.