Animal Control FAQ

Q: I have feral cats (cats I can not go near) living around my house.  Can TJO help me with them?

A: There is sadly a very large feral cat population in certain areas of our community.  In most cases, we must ask for rresidents to work on this problem themselves or with the assistance of local non-profits. 

We strongly encourage a practice called TNP(trap/neuter/return) aas by far the best feral cat management method.  For more information, please visit ASPCA website

Locally, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society operated a very low cost, accessibly community

spay/neuter/clinic and assists with the fees of feral cats. 413-781-4019

Assisting with the trapping efforts is Homeless Cat Project.  They can be reached by phone 413-783-4996

If a resident has already trapped a feral cat, TJO will accept the cat for euthanasia.  However, we are opposed to this choice as it does nothing to change the situation for the cats and the community long term.  Another cat will likely move right in to take the removed cats place.