Fiscal Year 2014


 This same time last year experiencing a blizzard we saw an increase in volume of  by 7% this year.  This is attributed to the multiple snow storms and cold weather in  the months of January, February and March.   Once the snow piles had begun to dwindle  the center experienced an increase in pothole requests.  The main area requesting attention  was found in Sixteen Acres and East Forest Park neighborhood.  However, all city and towns throughout the northeast saw an increase in pothole requests due to the poor weather that was experienced. 

During this same time the third quarter billing was mailed, yearly excise and trash bill was assessed and received by the residents.  Busy 3 months, however the results proved successful.

 All service level goals were met in servicing the residents.  Residents on average waited :29 seconds, the percentage of calls answered within 30 seconds was just shy of 80%. And finally the abandon rate was less than 6% goal  resulted in 5.7%.



Phone Statistics from January 2014 -  March 2014


39,908 Calls Received        
37,861 Calls Answered        
5.7% Abandon   Caller hung up prior to CSR   answers       <6%
0:01:36 Talk time (Length of time on the phone)    
:29 ASA  How long to answer a call        :30 seconds

PCA ( Percentage of calls answered within 30 seconds)

 79%            80%

Neighborhood service requests July-2013- March 2014


Fiscal Year 2013

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